Florida House of Representatives

The Florida House of Representatives is the second of two parts of the Florida Congress. The major power of the House is to pass State Legislation. State Legislation passed by the House must then by passed by the Senate and Governor, respectively, before becoming law. Representatives serve a term of two years, and are restricted by term limits of four consecutive terms (eight years).

Each district is represented in the House by its population. Florida's population allows for 120 Representatives, each from a district with an average population of 156,677.

Current Party Standings

Democratic Party 44
Republican Party 76
Total 120


Florida State House of Representatives

DistrictMembers 2010-2012Firearm IssuesArea of Responsibility
1 Broxson, Douglas Vaughn "Doug" (R)   Parts of Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa Counties
2 Ingram, Clay (R)   Part of Escambia County
3 Ford, Clay (R)   Parts of Escambia, Santa Rosa Counties
4 Gaetz, Matt (R)   Parts of Okaloosa, Santa Rosa Counties
5 Drake, Brad (R)   Holmes, Washington and parts of Jackson, Okaloosa, Walton Counties
6 Patronis, Jimmy (R)   Gulf and parts of Bay and Franklin Counties
7 Coley, Marti (R)   Calhoun, Liberty and parts of Bay, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Okaloosa, Wakulla, Walton Counties
8 Williams, Alan B. (D)   Parts of Gadsden and Leon Counties
9 Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle (D)   Parts of Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon Counties
10 Bembry, Leonard L. (D)   Hamilton, Madison, Taylor and parts of Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Franklin, Jefferson, Levy, Wakulla Counties
11 Porter, Elizabeth W. (R)   Gilchrist, Lafayette, Suwannee and parts of Alachua, Columbia, Dixie Counties
12 Adkins, Janet H. (R)   Baker, Nassau, Union and parts of Bradford, Clay, Duval Counties
13 Davis, Daniel (R)   Parts of Clay and Duval Counties
14 Jones, Mia L. (D)   Parts of Duval County
15 Fullwood, Reggie (D)   Parts of Duval County
16 McBurney, Charles (R)   Parts of Duval County
17 Ray, Lake (R)   Parts of Duval County
18 Renuart, Ronald "Doc" (R)   Parts of Duval and St. Johns Counties
19 Weinstein, Michael B. "Mike" (R)   Parts of Clay, Duval, and St. Johns Counties
20 Proctor, William L. "Bill" (R)   Parts of Clay, Flagler, and St. Johns Counties
21 Van Zant, Charles E. (R)   Putnam and parts of Bradford, Clay, Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties
22 Perry, W. Keith (R)   Parts of Alachua, Levy and Marion Counties
23 Chestnut IV, Charles S. "Chuck" (D)   Parts of Alachua and MarionCounties
24 Baxley, Dennis K. (R)   Parts of Marion County
25 Metz, Larry (R)   Parts of Lake, Seminole, and Volusia Counties
26 Costello, Fredrick W. "Fred" (R)   Parts of Flagler and Volusia Counties
27 Taylor, Dwayne L. (D)   Parts of Volusia County
28 Hukill, Dorothy L. (R)   Parts of Volusia County
29 Goodson, Tom (R)   Parts of Brevard and Indian River Counties
30 Workman, Ritch (R)   Pat of Brevard County
31 Tobia, John (R)   Part of Brevard County
32 Crisafulli, Steve (R)   Parts of Brevard and Orange Counties
33 Brodeur, Jason (R)   Parts of Orange, Seminole, and Volusia Counties
34 Dorworth, Chris (R)   Parts of Orange and Seminole Counties
35 Cannon, Dean (R)   Parts of Orange County
36 (Randolph, Scott (D)   Parts of Orange County
37 Plakon, Scott (R)   Parts of Orange and Seminole Counties
38 Nelson, Bryan (R)   Parts of Orange County
39 Thompson, Geraldine F. "Geri" (D)   Parts of Orange County
40 Eisnaugle, Eric (R)   Parts of Orange County
41 Precourt, Stephen L. (R)   Parts of Lake, Orange, and Osceola Counties
42 O'Toole, H. Marlene (R)   Parts of Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties
43 Smith, Jimmie T. (R)   Citrus and parts of Hernando and Levy Counties
44 Schenck, Robert C. "Rob" (R)   Parts of Hernando, Pasco, and Sumter Counties
45 Corcoran, Richard (R)   Parts of Pasco and Pinelllas Counties
46 Legg, John (R)   Parts of Pasco County
47 Grant, James W. "J.W." (R)   Parts of Hillsborough County
48 Nehr, Peter (R)   Parts of Pasco and Pinellas Counties
49 Soto, Darren (D)   Parts of Orange and Osceola Counties
50 Hooper, Ed (R)   Parts of Pinellas County
51 Ahern, Larry (R)   Parts of Pinellas County
52 Brandes, Jeffrey "Jeff" (R)   Part of Pinellas County
53 Kriseman, Rick (D)   Part of Pinellas County
54 Frishe, James C. "Jim" (R)   Parts of Pinellas County
55 Rouson, Darryl Erivn (D)   Parts of Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, Sarasota Counties
56 Burgin, Rachel V. (R)   Parts of Hillsborough County
57 Young, Dana D. (R)   Parts of Hillsborough County
58 Cruz, Janet (D)   Parts of Hillsborough County
59 Reed, Betty (D)   Parts of Hillsborough County
60 Harrison, Shawn (R)   Parts of Hillsborough and Pasco Counties
61 Weatherford, Will W. (R)   Parts of Hillsborough and Pasco Counties
62 Glorioso, Richard "Rich" (R)   Parts of Hillsborough and Pasco Counties
63 McKeel, Seth (R)   Parts of Hillsborough and Polk Counties
64 Stargel, Kelli (R)   Parts of Polk County
65 Wood, John (R)   Parts of Polk County
66 Albritton, Ben (R)   Hardee and Parts of Highlands and Polk Counties
67 Steube, W. Gregory "Greg" (R)   Parts of Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties
68 Boyd, Jim (R)   Parts of Hillsborough and Manatee Counties
69 Pilon, Ray (R)   Parts of Manatee and Sarasota Counties
70 Holder, Doug (R)   Parts of Sarasota County
71 Roberson, Kenneth L. "Ken" (R)   Parts of Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota Counties
72 Kreegel, Paige (R)   DeSoto and Parts of Charlotte and Lee Counties
73 Caldwell, Matthew H. "Matt" (R)   Part of Lee County
74 Aubuchon, Gary (R)   Parts of Charlotte and Lee County
75 Williams, Trudi K. (R)   Parts of Collier and Lee Counties
76 Passidomo, Kathleen C. (R)   Parts of Collier County
77 Grimsley, Denise (R)   Glades, Hendry and parts of Collier and Highlands Counties
78 Perman, Steven M. "Steve" (D)   Parts of Broward, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties
79 Horner, Mike (R)   Parts of Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties
80 Mayfield, Debbie (R)   Parts of Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie Counties
81 Harrell, Gayle B. (R)   Parts of Martin and St. Lucie Counties
82 Snyder, William D. (R)   Parts of Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties
83 Rooney, Jr., Patrick (R)   Parts of Palm Beach County
84 Benard, Mack (D)   Parts of Palm Beach County
85 Abruzzo, Joseph (D)   Parts of Palm Beach County
86 Berman, Lori (D)   Parts of Palm Beach County
87 Hager, Bill (R)   Parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties
88 Pafford, Mark S. (D)   Parts of Palm Beach County
89 Clemens, Jeff (D)   Parts of Palm Beach County
90 Slosberg, Irving "Irv" (D)   Parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties
91 Moraitis, Jr., George R. (R)   Parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties
92 Clarke-Reed, Gwyndolen "Gwyn" (D)   Parts of Broward County
93 Thurston, Jr., Perry E. (D)   Parts of Broward County
94 Rogers, Hazelle P. "Hazel" (D)   Parts of Broward County
95 Waldman, James W. "Jim" (D)   Parts of Broward County
96 Porth, Ari Abraham (D)   Parts of Broward County
97 Kiar, Martin David "Marty" (D)   Parts of Broward County
98 Sands, Franklin (D)   Parts of Broward County
99 Schwartz, Elaine J. (D)   Parts of Broward County
100 Jenne, Evan (D)   Parts of Broward County
101 Hudson, Matt (R)   Parts of Broward and Collier Counties
102 Gonzalez, Eduardo "Eddy" (R)   Parts of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties
103 Watson, Barbara (D)   Parts of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties
104 Julien, John Patrick (D)   Parts of Miami-Dade Counties
105 Gibbons, Joseph A. "Joe" (D)   Parts of Broward County
106 Steinberg, Richard L. (D) Resigned   Parts of Miami-Dade County
107 Garcia, Jr., Luis R. (D)   Parts of Miami-Dade County
108 Campbell, Daphne D. (D)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
109 Stafford, Cynthia A. (D)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
110 Olivia, Jose R. (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
111 Fresen, Erik (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
112 Nunez, Jeanette M. (R)   Parts of Broward, Collier, and Miami-Dade Counties
113 Lopez-Cantera, Carlos (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
114 Logan, Ana Rivas (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
115 Diaz, Jose Felix (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
116 Trujillo, Carlos (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
117 Bileca, Michael (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
118 Bullard, Dwight M. (D)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
119 Artiles, Framk (R)   Parts of Maimi-Dade County
120 Saunders, Ron (D)   Monroe and parts of Miami-Dade Counties


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