FL Quick Refence Guide


Standard Firearm Ownership: §790.335, §790.25 No permit or license required
Concealed Carry §790.06 License granted on a “Shall Issue” basis
Firearm Law Uniformity: §790.33 State Preemption Law
Right to Self-Defense: §776 NRA modeled Castle Doctrine & No Duty to Retreat
Open Carry: §790.053 Prohibited except for self-defense chemical spray or stun gun  
Vehicle Carry by Non-Licensees: §790.25, §790.251 Securely encased or in a public conveyance and not in person’s manual possession
State Parks: §790.25 Concealed carry by recognized licensees 
Restaurants Serving Alcohol: §790.06, §790.151 Not under the influence of alcohol or within the area providing for alcohol consumption 
Duty to Inform Law Enforcement: §790.06(1) Upon demand by law enforcement officer


Download a PDF with applicable laws here.



Gun laws vary from state to state, and it is extremely important for citizens traveling with firearms to familiarize themselves with the firearms ownership and possession laws of any state that they plan to visit. Our Division’s reciprocity web page (http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/news/concealed_carry.html) includes links to each reciprocity state’s web site where you may be able to find helpful information concerning firearms ownership and possession laws for that jurisdiction. If you have any questions about the firearms laws in a particular state, you should contact law enforcement authorities in that state for clarification.