FLorida's 10-20-Life Law

Florida’s 10-20-LIFE weapons statute, which is codified in section 775.087 of the Florida Statutes, states that individuals who are convicted of a criminal offense involving a weapon or firearm will either receive an increased penalty or are required to serve a mandatory minimum prison sentence, in addition to any prison sentence for the crime they allegedly committed. The sentence is not permitted to be served at the same time, or concurrently, as the prison term for the underlying offense and must be served after the term of the underlying offense has been completed. The mandatory minimum prison sentences are as follows:


  • A felony offense or attempted felony offense with a firearm is punishable by an additional minimum ten years in prison.
  • If a firearm was discharged during the commission of a felony offense, the alleged offender will be sentenced to an additional minimum of 20 years in prison.
  •  If another person was killed or injured during the commission of an offense involving the use of a firearm or weapon, the alleged offender will be sentenced to an additional minimum prison term of 25 years to life.
  • If a convicted felon is in possession of a firearm without the restoration of their civil rights or abilities, they can be sentenced to an additional minimum of three years in prison.